Who we are


The Tailor of pieces in fabric has to know the whole process of creating the clothing, not only the raw material used to make the fabric, as well as the value of each fabric and perfectly perceive the proportions of the human body by adjusting the piece to every customer.

This is precisely our job, to know the raw material (wood, tops, hardware, accessories ...), that is, everything the market has to offer, the value of each of the materials, and we have a knowledge depth of the proportions of the house, characteristics of the house, where it is inserted, preferences and needs of the client, it is for all this that we do not want to be a shop of kitchen environments, closets and closets, but a tailor who studies, structure and works the woods and all their derivatives in order to perfectly adjust our creations - kitchens, wardrobes and closets and even bathrooms - to the house and the client who enjoys it.